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EAS Energy Partners Close Landmark Clean Energy Deal on Largest Sewer Heat Recovery System in North America Summary EAS Energy Partners (EAS), a consortium led by Enwave Energy Corporation, announces completion of a landmark renewable energy project partnership for the National Western Center in Denver, Colorado. Enwave’s “Sewer Heat Recovery system,” an innovative technology...

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Solar? Geothermal? Garbage? 6 climate-friendly ways to heat and cool buildings

Emily Chung, CBC News Summary Using local energy sources such as lake water, wood waste or even garbage to heat and cool buildings is one way for communities to cut their greenhouse gas emissions — the goal of this week's UN climate summit. In district energy systems , instead of...

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'Abundant' raw sewage touted to heat and cool aquatic centre

Brian Cross, Windsor Star Summary Raw sewage — flowing through a massive trunk line running under Riverside Drive — is being heralded as an untapped energy source to heat and cool the Windsor International Aquatic Centre. “Sewage, or waste water, is in abundance,” said Sergio Grando, the...

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Low Carbon Heat Recovered from Wastewater: Second District Heat Network Powered by SHARC Energy Technology

Sharc International Systems Inc., GlobeNewswire Summary VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sharc International Systems Inc. (CSE: SHRC) (FSE: IWIA) (OTCQB: INTWF) ("SHARC" or "the Company") is pleased to announce that the Company’s UK subsidiary SHARC...

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40 MW ammonia heat pump system installed in Malmö

Charlotte McLaughlin, Ammonia21 Summary Four GEA ammonia heat pumps, each with a heating capacity of 10 MW (in total 40 MW), have been installed at an E.ON-operated district heating plant. Accelerate Europe reports. E.ON, one of the world's largest investor-owned electric utility...

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Alabama Power Renewable Energy RFP

Summary Alabama Power has issued a 2018 Request for Proposal ("RFP") for renewable energy resources. This RFP will be consistent with the authorization granted the Company by the Alabama Public Service Commission i n Docket No. 32382 . Qualifying proposals submitted through this RFP...

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Alabama Power Seeks Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy World Editors, Summary Alabama Power said last week that the utility is seeking proposals to meet future energy and reliability needs, including proposals for potential renewable energy projects. The company issued two requests for proposals (RFPs). One is...

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Mayor's Office of the National Western Center Announces Energy Partner

Press Release, September 19th, 2018 DENVER – The Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center (NWCO) today announced that EAS Energy Partners (EAS) has been selected to enter into an exclusive negotiation to become the official campus energy partner of the National Western Center (NWC). ...

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Southeast False Creek Neighborhood Energy System

The Southeast False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility uses waste thermal energy captured from sewage to provide space heating and hot water to buildings in Southeast False Creek. This recycled energy eliminates more than 60% of the greenhouse gas pollution associated with heating buildings....

Southeast False Creek Neighborhood Energy Utility.pdf