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Solar turbines, integrating energy solutions

Smart Energy International Summary Over the past years, Energy markets in developed economies have started a deep transformation. The appearance of new power generation sources based on renewable technologies, motivated by the efforts of the governments and public administrations are...

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Why American Colleges and Universities Choose CHP, DG, and Microgrids

Alyssa Danigellis, Energy Manager Today Photo: Inside Cornell University's combined heat and power plant. Credit: Cornell University Summary Combined heat and power facilities along with microgrids and distributed generation are gaining popularity at American colleges and universities as...

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How Utilities can benefit from CHP

Summary The increased installation of renewable power, dominated by wind and solar has major impact on the grid due to their intermittent power supply. This is a game changer for the utilities. This presentation discusses how utilities can rely on CHP to counteract intermittancy. One business...


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Microgrids: The solution to optimize the power generation mix

Summary Microgrids can help integrate renewable energy and fossil fuel generation by maintaining reliable power supply and at the same time reduce the green house gas emissions. Renewable energy production is increasing. Unfortunately the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining when we...


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Sustaining CHP Performance in District Energy Applications

Speakers Kevin Jensen #SolarTurbines #ConferenceProceeding #Illinois #2017 #AnnualConference #CHP


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Gas Turbines in Microgrids

Speaker Daniel Fingleton, Solar Turbines #MeteringandControls #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergy #Resiliency #Fuels #CampusEnergyConference #SolarTurbines #Microgrids #2017 #Reliability #Workshop