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“As Ohio Goes, So Goes The Nation” – From Ohio to Iowa to Idaho, New University Partnerships Bolster Finances and Sustainability

Forbes Summary University of Idaho Announces New Energy Partnership — Modeled on Ohio State and University of Iowa — to Boost Endowment and Resilience Colleges and universities are turning to public-private partnerships (P3s) to upgrade campus energy systems, bolstering schools’...

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Planned Ohio State Power Plant Gets Regulatory Approval, Despite Fracking Worries

The Columbus Dispatch Summary A combined heat and power plant at Ohio State University can move forward, following approval by the Ohio Power Siting Board this week. The board approved the facility, which the university has said will be the primary source of electricity and heating for...

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Sustainability is not black and white, and Ohio State proves it understands that with new plant

Columbus Dispatch Summary Roughly 70% of the energy our society uses currently comes from burning fossil fuels, which generates carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that drive climate change, harm human health and devastate the environment upon which our economy depends. Achieving...

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Ohio State seeks approval for heat and power plant

The Columbus Dispatch Summary The plant would fulfill several needs for campus power supply and would reduce the university’s carbon footprint, but the Sierra Club and others have questioned the facility and pushed for cleaner energy alternatives. Ohio State University is seeking approval...

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Leveraging Advanced AI for Next-Gen Campus Energy Management

Summary The Ohio State University has one of the largest and busiest campuses of any university in the world, and some of the most ambitious energy and sustainability objectives. To meet its efficiency goals while streamlining operations and minimizing costs, OSU uses an advanced digital...


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Smart Campus: Ohio State University's Leadership in Campus Energy Infrastructure

Summary Going from design to construction phase, The Ohio State University is leading the campus energy infrastructure debate with its Smart CampusE project which encompasses a new CHP, a new heating hot water based heating and cooling network, a new digital network to connect the campus BMS...


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OSU's "Innovation District"

The Sunbury News Summary A proposed innovation district on Ohio State’s west campus is gaining momentum through two proposed buildings that will support research and technology commercialization. Next week, Ohio State’s Board of Trustees Master Planning and Facilities Committee is...

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Comprehensive Energy Management - A New Model

Summary Overview of the ideation, development, and execution of The Ohio State University's unprecedented 50-year agreement for the comprehensive management of its utility systems. I will cover: (1) keys to success in the development of the deal as well as keys to long term success. (2) A...


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The Ohio State Infrastructure Master Plan

Speakers Cole Luke & Jon Schwartz, Burns & McDonnell #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #MasterPlanningandSystemDesign #BurnsandMcDonnell #TheOhioStateUniversity #Ohio #Columbus #Infrastructure

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