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Evaluation of Campus Steam to Hot Water Conversion

Summary PSU's goal was to determine the energy, maintenance, and resulting carbon emission savings from converting the existing steam distribution system to a hot water distribution system. A study was conducted based on the existing campus heating distribution system condition consisting of...


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Campus Wide Utility Replacement at UMass Boston

Summary This $240M project upgraded the Central Utility Plant and replaced the entire utility distribution network for the entire campus. The energy distribution systems were upgraded in quality and size to deliver the energy demands of the existing and future planned buildings. Systems...


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Absorption Heat Pump for Cooling Heating

Summary I shall be presenting on LiBr cycle Absorption Heat Pump which recycles heat from low-temperature heat sources to produce high-temperature water, how an Absorption Heat Pump and Absorption chiller are very similar in structure and working principle while used for different applications...


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Lessons Learned: Chilled Water Distribution Upgrade at Oklahoma State University

Track: Thermal Distribution Workshop Speakers Justin Grissom, Burns & McDonnell Phil Curley, Oklahoma State University James Rosner, University of Denver #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2020 #ThermalDistribution #Workshop #UniversityofDenver ...


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Case study Cologne, Germany; Incident with Vent Valve

Summary Valve, vents & drains installation, best practice; what Germany has learned over 100 years of operating a district energy system. Where are the weak areas. Smart valve choices for long term cost savings. Cologne’s experience of a valve vent failure and how the design was changed...


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The Evolution of a Campus Chilled Water Distribution System

Summary Iowa State University developed a need to increase chilled water capacity on their west campus. This project installed a pair of a new 24-inch chilled water mains on the western portion of the campus under Bissell Road. By maintaining a utility master plan, ISU was able to leverage...


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Pushing Boundaries – Chilled Water Master Planning at the University of Denver

Summary With growth looming and a CHW system near its firm capacity, DU quickly needed to develop a strategy to expand its system while minimizing costly distribution work across their iconic campus. These limits led the engineering team to consider a new approach when charting the campus’...


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Building A Resilient Steam Network

Summary During a recent campus expansion, the U of Alabama at Birmingham chose to use aerogel blankets in their thermal distribution network to make it the most robust, resilient system available. With the incidents of severe weather increasing, campus steam operators are looking for...


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Improving District Heating Maintenance Programs with Drone Technology

Summary Many district heating systems were installed decades ago. They are aging and failing, and locating leaks can be time consuming, ineffective, and expensive utilizing traditional methods of inspection. Drone-enabled thermal inspections are proving to be highly-effective and affordable,...


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Staff Development Planning

Session: Thermal Distribution Workshop Speaker James Rosner, University of Denver #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2020 #ThermalDistribution #Workshop #TalentManagement #UniversityofDenver