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California state universities commit to 100% clean energy by 2025

Iulia Gheorghiu, Utility Dive Summary Dive Brief: California's public university system announced in earlier this month a commitment to 100% clean electricity supplies by 2025 , 20 years ahead of the goal that the state recently enacted. The University of California (UC),...

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Zero Capital Chiller Plant and Parasitic Load Optimization

Summary The UCSF CHP Plant was challenged to make significant operational efficiency improvements toward achieving the overall Campus carbon reduction goals of UCSF. Through a full plant equipment operations study by the O&M Team, improvements were identified and implemented using...


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UCSF Mission Bay: Can CHP Be Used as a Tool to Tackle Carbon-Neutrality Goals?

Summary We will walk through the process of identifying electric utility carbon; evaluating Central Utility Plant options (CHP, gas-fired/electric boilers; heat recovery chillers, bio-fuel), the benefits and challenges of developing a larger EcoDistrict with public (UCSF); public-private (The...


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Optimization and Ongoing Analytics of Chilled Water System, From Plant to Building Loads

Summary UCSF's Preliminary Utility Plant (PUP) serves 4 research lab buildings. It had common problems: low delta-T and inefficient staging. It also lacked sufficient capacity for a planned 5th lab building. Four projects solved these problems. The first improved plant staging, reset pressure...