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“As Ohio Goes, So Goes The Nation” – From Ohio to Iowa to Idaho, New University Partnerships Bolster Finances and Sustainability

Forbes Summary University of Idaho Announces New Energy Partnership — Modeled on Ohio State and University of Iowa — to Boost Endowment and Resilience Colleges and universities are turning to public-private partnerships (P3s) to upgrade campus energy systems, bolstering schools’...

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NuScale and Partner Universities Win Department of Energy Grants for Reactor Simulators

Business Wire Summary PORTLAND, Ore.--( BUSINESS WIRE )--NuScale Power today announced that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded three grants to support the installation of a NuScale reactor plant simulator at each of Oregon State University, Texas A&M University...

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UI keeps its cool: Water chilling machine finds new home on campus

Scott Jackson, Daily News Summary Water chilling machine finds new home on campus. The University of Idaho is spending about $285,000 in hopes to cut energy consumption while keeping campus cool during the summer months. On Tuesday, UI deployed cranes at two locations to transplant...

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University of Idaho Cooling Tower Case Study

Summary University of Idaho utilizes a district heating and cooling plant to provide all the heating and cooling needs for the university. Losing a substantial amount of water through evaporation process in the cooling towers has great impact on water consumption of the University. Different...


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Feasibility Study for a Waste to Energy Steam Plant at University of Idaho

Summary The objective of this study is to investigate the feasibility of utilizing waste-to-energy technology at the district energy plant for the University of Idaho campus in Moscow, Idaho. An assessment of production, composition, and energy content of the solid waste is conducted. It is...