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VIDEO: The Potential of Microgrids and CHP to Cut Operating Costs, Boost Resiliency

Sarah Rubenoff, Microgrid Knowledge Summary In this video interview from Microgrid 2017 in Boston, Tim Peer, vice president, district energy, at BOND Brothers, explains how microgrids, distributed energy and combined heat and power (CHP) can lead to lower operating costs and increased...

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MIT- Threading a Needle - CUP Expansion and Boiler and Deaerator Upgrade

Summary MIT needed to expand its district energy plant by installing a new 100,000 pound per hour boiler, new 500,000 PPH Deaerator as well as a 5,000 SF addition to house the new equipment. This expansion allowed MIT to deliver a more reliable energy source for the campus of today and...

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Underground Piping Systems Lessons Learned and Best Practices in New England

Summary The installation of underground district energy utilities in dense urban areas presents unique challenges. Whether a microgrid ductbank, or chilled water, high-temp hot water, or steam piping, the hurdles are endless. Our team of presenters will address lessons learned and best...

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Virtual Pipelines for Natural Gas Service

Summary Historically low natural gas prices has fueled an industry that can economically serve customers that do not have access to natural gas through the conventional pipeline systems. This presentation will introduce the virtual pipeline concept. By strategically locating a CNG fill station...


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Lake Source Cooling at Cornell: 15 Years of Renewable Cooling

Summary In 2000 Cornell started up the first large scale deep fresh water based district cooling system in North America. Lake Source Cooling operates at ~.1 kWh/ton-hr and now provides about 40 million ton-hours annually of "renewable" cooling to over 100 buildings. The presentation will...


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CHP Project Delivery Options

Summary This presentation will outline then compare and contrast the typical project delivery mechanisms for district energy related central plant projects. Focusing on combined heat & power projects, we will explore the typical project delivery methods including design-build, EPC, and...


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