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UI keeps its cool: Water chilling machine finds new home on campus

Scott Jackson, Daily News Summary Water chilling machine finds new home on campus. The University of Idaho is spending about $285,000 in hopes to cut energy consumption while keeping campus cool during the summer months. On Tuesday, UI deployed cranes at two locations to transplant a...

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Tecogen Sells Replacement Chillers to University of Connecticut

Press Release, Tecogen, Inc. Summary WALTHAM, Mass., Nov. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tecogen Inc. (NASDAQ: TGEN), a clean energy company providing ultra-efficient, clean, natural gas powered on-site power, heating and cooling equipment, has sold four, 400-ton TECOCHILL chillers to...

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Applying Insulation to HVAC Equipment

Richie Stever, Facility Executive Summary T he University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) is a sprawling healthcare campus in Baltimore, and it operates four central plants delivering steam to a 2.1 million square foot teaching hospital, which includes the 294,000 square foot. Homer...

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Assessing the Actual Energy Efficiency of Building Scale Cooling Systems

Summary The costs, energy efficiency and environmental impacts of district cooling (DC) are often compared to those of building-scale chiller systems. In such comparisons, the assumptions regarding the efficiency of building-scale systems have a significant impact on the comparative economic...

IEA_Assessing the Actual Energy Efficiency of Building Scale Cooling Systems_2008.pdf

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New Material Makes Cooling Devices More Energy-Efficient

Dirk Lenzen, ChemEurope Summary Waste heat from industry can often not be utilised because of its low temperature. With this material, it can be used in environmentally friendly cooling systems for example in the field of building technology. The research team from Kiel will present its...

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Chiller Plant Optimization: Extracting a 25% Efficiency Gain From a 16,000 Ton Chiller Plant in Atlantic City

Speakers Philip Kennedy, Kiltech John Rauch & Patrick Towbin, Pepco Energy Services #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #Optimization #Chillers #DistrictCooling #PEPCOEnergyServices #Kiltech #AtlanticCity #NewJersey #2014

4C.2_Rauch_ Towbin_ Kennedy.pdf

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Primary Heating/Cooling Plant Strategies and How to Maximize the Energy and Financial Savings

Summary Strategies to improve efficiency of central heating and cooling plants applicable to single building as well as multiple buildings in a campus setting include optimization of central plant’s location, configuration, equipment, arrangement, operating parameters, primary utilities and...


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Integrating Standby Power and Steam Turbine Chillers for Better Resiliency at UNC Chapel Hill

Summary The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill partnered with Sebesta to develop an integrated performance and financial plan to improve Campus Utility Infrastructure Resiliency serving critical loads. Sebesta was tasked with upgrading standby levels of electric, chilled water and...

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Large Thermal Energy Systems Expansion for the Dell Medical Center at UT Austin

Summary The University of Texas at Austin district energy system self-produces electricity, chilled water, and steam to over 17 million square feet of campus buildings. With the addition of the new Dell Medical School campus, the University is embarking on one of the largest expansions in its...

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University of Virginia: Energy and Utility Master Plan and Cogeneration Study

Summary In response to campus growth, the existing campus utility systems were expanded and extended to the point where additional planning was necessary to address not only the future growth plans of the university, but also more stringent environmental regulations, energy supply challenges,...

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