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Study recommends ways municipalities can help energy-neutral developments

Jonathan Juha, The London Free Press Summary If you build a neighborhood that relies on solar energy, you don't want a highrise that could block the sun rays right next to it. And having a “solar right-to-light bylaw” that prevents that from happening may be a way to give developers the...

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Kilkenny LEADER Partnership offers €100,000 plus in supports for top Kilkenny Energy Town

Brian Keyes, Kilkenny People Summary KILKENNY is leading the way in a countywide sustainable and renewable energy competition with a €100,000 plus prize fund which the organisers hope could catch on not just in Ireland but has the potential to be replicated globally. Kilkenny LEADER...

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How addressing data latency could heat and cool our homes and businesses

Kevin Stickney, DCD Summary Heat is a resource that can be recaptured and reused several times over and help to significantly improve energy productivity. The pace of change in how we produce and consume data is accelerating. As our world becomes ever more interconnected, we must...

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Crowdfunding as a novel financial tool for district heating projects

TEMPO Project, Euroheat & Power Summary The district heating and cooling sector is in full evolution towards decarbonisation alongside an in creasing share of renewable sources. This scenario entails new challenges above all from the point of view of the market. From a publicly-owned DHC...

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New district energy network set for Manchester's Strategic Corridor

Neil Hodgson, The Business Deck Summary A new and innovative energy project providing low-carbon heat and electricity to the City of Manchester is being pioneered as part of a major new development in the strategically important Southern Corridor of the city. Manchester Energy Partnership...

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Powering the north

Braydon Black, Alternatives Journal Summary Improving energy efficiencies are changing how Northern Ontario's MoCreebec people are taking control of their power consumption. The MoCreebec Eeyoud Council, an association representing the MoCreebec people of northern Ontario, is taking...

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District Heating: Wembley Park and the rise of efficient community heating

Crispin Matson, Planning & Building Control Today Summary Over the last 10 years, district heating networks have become an ever more popular means of heating new homes and buildings in the UK. The use of district heating in cities is not new; in Copenhagen, 95% of dwellings are connected...

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Transparency Instrumental in Successful Power Plant Project

Aaron Larson, Power Summary Public perceptions can make or break a project. One municipal utility found that out firsthand. When resistance grew strong against a new power plant it needed, the company rebooted and engaged with local stakeholders in a transparent decision-making process....

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Boston prepares to dive into energy buying business after much delay

Riley Villiers, The Daily Free Press Summary Despite some delays, Boston is entering into the energy buying business with a push from the mayor’s office to jumpstart programs that will obtain electricity for the City. Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and his administration announced Aug. 22...

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City's energy park gets $750,000 charge

Gord Young, North Bay Nugget A community energy park under construction between the YMCA and Memorial Gardens is expected to be completed in November. Gord Young/The Nugget. Summary North Bay is getting more than $750,000 in federal funding for its community energy park, now under...