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Duke Energy Renewables taps Goldman Sachs for $109.4M investment in commercial solar, storage projects

Charlotte Business Journal Summary Duke Energy Renewables has closed a $109.4 million investment from Goldman Sachs’ Alternative Energy Investing Group for commercial and industrial solar projects. The money will be used over 18 months to build about 75 megawatts worth of solar projects...

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Duke Energy to Build Its First Large Battery in South Carolina

Julian Spector, GreenTech Media Summary Duke Energy has promised major investment in energy storage for its Carolina territory. It took another step toward substantiating that promise by designing a battery project to back up a South Carolina community center. The 5-megawatt/5-megawatt...

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Purdue Trustees OK student housing lease and electron microscope purchase

Purdue University Summary WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Purdue Trustees on Friday (April 12) approved several lease and purchase transactions for the West Lafayette campus, including: The lease of 86 apartments in the forthcoming Aspire at Discovery Park property for the 2019-20...

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Duke delays construction of proposed power plant indefinitely

The Chronicle Summary Duke has decided to delay construction indefinitely of a proposed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, the University announced Friday. Instead, the University will pursue opportunities to employ biogas and other fuels for its energy. The proposed plant has drawn ...

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IDEA Letter to Duke Administration Outlining CHP Experience of Peer Campuses

In 2016 Duke University announced plans to build a new Combined Heat and Power plant in partnership with Duke Energy on their main campus in Durham. Since the announcement, the university has faced some opposition largely related to concerns around fuel sources and potential environmental...

IDEA Letter to Duke Administration Outlining CHP Experience of Peer Campuses.pdf

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In North Carolina, lots of hog waste — but can it scale as an energy source?

Elizabeth Outz, Energy News Network PHOTO BY Kansas State University Summary A new project is helping Duke Energy meet a mandate to generate a small portion of its power from pig waste. The molecules combusted at a North Carolina power plant now include some that originated not from...

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Utility CHP ownership – a new partnership

This article was featured in the Q1 2018 edition of District Energy Magazine . Investor-owned utilities have a unique opportunity to partner with clients to deploy efficient, resilient and economical CHP capacity. Over the past five to 10 years the energy and power industry in the U.S...

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Lessons Learned From Field Implementation of Three Utility Microgrids at Duke Energy

Summary In the last three years, Duke Energy designed, commissioned and implemented two low inertia microgrids within its distribution system with the ability to island seamlesly without a blackstart. In addition to using the commercially off the shelf available power distribution devices and...


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Community Energy and Microgrid Ownership Models

Summary This workshop focuses on the experience that Duke University had building and operating their own CHP plant. Speaker Aurel Selezeanu, Duke University #CampusEnergy #Workshop #DukeUniversity #UnitedStates #NorthCarolina #EnergyEfficiency #DukeEnergy #Microgrids ...


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Siemens starts field tests of high efficiency GT technology

Modern Power Systems Augsut 8, 2017 Summary Siemens, a member of IDEA, has started field trials of its next generation gas turbine technology. Following component testing and prototype testing in its own facilities, the company is now pursuing validation under real field conditions with the...