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Danbury firm exploring new bio-residual oil to lower energy costs, environmental impact

Kevin Zimmerman, Westfair Communications Summary A Danbury company is betting that a new type of biodiesel could be the answer when it comes to finding a cleaner, more efficient and more effective fuel source. In fact, so confident is Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corp. in bio...

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Analysis: Scotland still relies on fossil fuels

Tom Freeman, Holyrood Summary If you live in Copenhagen or one of the Danish capital’s surrounding towns, it is extremely unlikely you will have a boiler stowed away under the stairs to heat your home. Instead, pipes come directly into your house from a heating network which serves the...

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Geothermal energy could be part of the solution to fill the UK's energy void

Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy Summary The London Branch of the Society of Petroleum Engineers features an article describing geothermal energy as part of the solution to fill the UK's energy void. With declining hydrocarbon resources in the country and existing skillsets to develop...

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UI seeks proposals for densified biomass solid fuel trials

University of Iowa, Biomass Magazine Miscanthus, USDA Agricultural Research Service Summary Since 2003, the University of Iowa has been steadily expanding its use of biomass, to fuel its on-campus combined-heat-and-power (CHP) plant, and gradually reducing its use of coal. In...

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China to Expand Air Pollution Measures

The Maritime Executive Summary On July 3, China’s State Council released the full text of a three-year action plan to curb air pollution by 2020. Air pollution in China is now affecting 37 percent of China's population, and measures taken so far are falling short of government goals and...

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The role of gas in Germany's energy transition

Julian Wettengel, Clean Energy Wire Summary Does the energy transition seal the fate of natural gas in Germany? Europe's biggest economy will have to virtually phase out all fossil fuels to fully decarbonise by 2050. But the industry says flexible gas-fired electricity generation is the...

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Natural Gas Is The Flexibility Needed For More Wind And Solar

Jude Clemente, Forbes Data source: EIA Wind and solar capacity are set to soar, and as the reliable, flexible backup, so will gas capacity. Summary I have already shown here and here how U.S. natural gas power plants continue to increase in efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas...

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Distributed Gas Generation: Big Power in Small(er) Packages

Darrell Proctor, Power Magazine Summary The traditional electricity grid is being transformed, as more businesses look to control their costs by producing their own power. A need for reliable backup power, the push for more resiliency in generation, and a desire for electricity in remote...

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IDEA Letter to Duke Administration Outlining CHP Experience of Peer Campuses

In 2016 Duke University announced plans to build a new Combined Heat and Power plant in partnership with Duke Energy on their main campus in Durham. Since the announcement, the university has faced some opposition largely related to concerns around fuel sources and potential environmental...

IDEA Letter to Duke Administration Outlining CHP Experience of Peer Campuses.pdf

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City of Surrey Unveils State-of-the-Art Biofuel Plant

Ashley Hyshka, The Runner Summary Surrey is undertaking a unique initiative by using discarded biomatter in green bins as renewable fuel. As part of the effort to be more environmentally sustainable, the city recently opened the Surrey Biofuel Facility, a $68 million plant located in Port...