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Solar District Cup

Track: Poster Presenter Joseph Simon, National Renewable Energy Laboratory #ConferenceProceeding #Poster #CampusEnergyConference #2020 #NREL #RenewableEnergy #SolarThermal


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Flow Measurement Technologies

Summary Review of various Flow Measurement Technologies - Magnetic Flow Meter Technology - Vortex Shedding Flow Technology - DP Flow Meter Technology Track: Posters Presenter Scott Peterson, Emerson #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #Poster #2020 #Board Minutes ...


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Leveraging Geothermal Energy to Reduce GHG Emissions and Connect with Students

Summary Durham College’s Simcoe Geothermal Project, featuring a borehole field comprised of 150 wells for an Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) system, was developed to achieve the primary objectives of GHG reduction and connection to student learning. This presentation will review key...


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Harvesting Waste Heat to Power District Energy Systems

Summary Over half of the energy consumed in the United States is rejected as waste heat. There exists a tremendous opportunity to capture and use that waste heat to reduce overall energy consumption and decrease the environmental impacts from heating our buildings. Often, the waste heat is of...


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The Road to Absolute Zero

Summary When most institutions think about the broad topic of renewable campus energy, geo-exchange technologies are not the first that come to mind. The focus has been on solar and wind, especially large-scale off-campus generation; batteries thermal storage for hot or cold water; and co...


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Environmental, Economic and Resilience Benefits of Combined Heat & Power Plants (CHP) and their integration with an Institution’s MicroGrid

Summary Technical, economic, environmental and resiliency merits of CHP systems for power and heat. Presentation will address some of the suggested conference themes including how cogeneration (CHP) energy systems can integrate with a University’s energy planning and infrastructure including;...


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St. Joseph's Hospital Selects Cogeneration Solution to Improve Reliability and Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Summary St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center planned a $200 million-dollar expansion that was projected to “max out” the capacity of the existing infrastructure, forcing the hospital to add a costly power line or look for alternative solutions to its power needs. Keeping sustainability and...


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Texas Tech University GLEAMM Microgrid Research Facility - Advancing Grid Resiliency and Sustainability

GLEAMM (Global Laboratory for Energy Asset Management and Manufacturing) is a Texas State funded collaborative project with Texas Tech University and Group NIRE to provide a research platform for both academic and industrial research on microgrid technologies together with grid resiliency....

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Temple University Standby Electric Generating Facility

Innovation Award Submission Poster Temple University Standby Electric Generating Facility Temple University, Temple University Standby Electric Generating Facility In 1992 the general focus of energy engineers was that cogeneration/combined heat and power (CHP) was a more certain return,...

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Intelligent Delta-T Analyzer and Detector

Innovation Award Submission Poster Intelligent Delta-T Analyzer and Detector Empower Since 2014, there are online solutions Empower has implemented innovation projects that benefits the organization in providing the service to its customers. One of those is the implementation of remote...

Innovation Poster 3_Empower.pdf