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Texas Tech University GLEAMM Microgrid Research Facility - Advancing Grid Resiliency and Sustainability

GLEAMM (Global Laboratory for Energy Asset Management and Manufacturing) is a Texas State funded collaborative project with Texas Tech University and Group NIRE to provide a research platform for both academic and industrial research on microgrid technologies together with grid resiliency....

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Temple University Standby Electric Generating Facility

Innovation Award Submission Poster Temple University Standby Electric Generating Facility Temple University, Temple University Standby Electric Generating Facility In 1992 the general focus of energy engineers was that cogeneration/combined heat and power (CHP) was a more certain return,...

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Intelligent Delta-T Analyzer and Detector

Innovation Award Submission Poster Intelligent Delta-T Analyzer and Detector Empower Since 2014, there are online solutions Empower has implemented innovation projects that benefits the organization in providing the service to its customers. One of those is the implementation of remote...

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Texas Tech University GLEAMM Microgrid Research Facility - Advancing Grid Resiliency & Sustainability

Speakers Stephen Bayne, Texas Tech University BeiBei Helen Ren, Texas Tech University #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2019 #Poster #Texas #TexasTechUniversity #Microgrids


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BTU, Mass & Energy FLOW Sub-Metering Solution

Summary Review of various Flow Measurement Technologies, Magnetic Flow Meter Technology, Vortex Shedding Flow Technology, and DP Flow Meter Technology. Speaker James Linahan, Emerson #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #2019 #Poster #MeteringandControls


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Climate Action Planning and Achieving 30% Reduction at Cooper Union

Summary The Cooper Union committed to the “NYC Carbon Challenge” which is a voluntary partnership between the NYC Mayor’s Office and leaders in the city who have committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 30% or more over ten years. Cooper Union partnered with Smith Engineering and...


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Energy Resilience in the Broader University Environment

Summary Depending on what energy storage technologies companies sell, they approach energy problems for prospective C&I customers in different ways. However, for decarbonization to thrive, the industry must leave confirmation bias behind when building solutions to energy challenges. Every...

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Broadening the Effectiveness of Heat Recovery Chillers

Summary As more campuses convert to hot water distribution, there is opportunity to use of heat recovery chillers to increase system efficiency. This presentation discusses new strategies that can extend the effectiveness of heat recovery chillers that can dramatically reduce energy use....


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Two Drivers - Better Than One

Summary Dual drives provide fuel and operational flexibility, system redundancy and improved economics. Describes how to automate dual drivers and compares capital and operational economics to the alternatives of single drivers or two single driver trains in CHP, combined cycle, district...


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District Energy System Re-engineering at Brown: Bottom Up Phasing Approach

Summary Ambitious campus modernization plans are often constrained by scheduling needs around seasonal usage, O&M limits, and financial planning for equipment replacement. Brown University and design-build partner Ecosystem Energy will discuss how they are phasing the re-engineering of a...