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Syracuse Community Microgrid with Waste-to-Energy CHP

Summary The Syracuse community microgrid, one of 11 NY Prize Stage 2 winners, uses waste-to-energy generation that eases pressure on local landfills. The project is the only Stage 2 winner to rely on waste-to-energy conversion as its primary distributed generation asset. The micogrid would...

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Designing Advanced Microgrids for ‘Shelters in Place’

Summary Microgrids can be clearly defined to include interconnected loads and distributed energy resources (DER) across several rights of way. In New Jersey, these “advanced microgrids” are defined as Town Center Distributed Energy Resources (TCDER) microgrids. After Hurricane Sandy, the New...

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Gryphon International Engineering Services is Now CHA Canada

Press Release, September 21, 2018 CHA Subsidiary Rebrands and Launches New Website St. Catharines, Ontario and Albany, NY – CHA Consulting, Inc. (CHA), a highly diversified, full-service engineering design firm , announces its subsidiary, Gryphon International Engineering Services, has...

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Microgrids, Technology Selection

Summary A microgrid is defined as a group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources within clearly defined electrical boundaries that act as a single controllable entity with respect to the grid. Microgrids have the potential to promote: A microgrid is defined as a group of...


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Load Management Systems - Critical Equipment for Successful CHP Projects

Summary A Load Management System (LMS) provides several key supervisory and control functions for a CHP project. The LMS system functionality generally includes the following: A Load Management System (LMS) provides several key supervisory and control functions for a CHP project. The LMS system...

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UMass Amherst Electrical System Modifications Resulting in Increased Reliability of CHP

Summary Drawing on examples, lessons learned/best practices from major DBOOM projects, we will explore the “3rd Generation” of CHP and how benefits and drivers have evolved/expanded over time, while also unveiling the challenges. We will highlight how incorporating storage, renewables, and...


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UMass Memorial Medical Center CCHP Project

Summary CHA is teamed with Cogen Power Technologies and Bette and Cring Construction providing a 2.65MW natural gas fired engine generator that will provide hot water, steam and chilled water to supplement the power, heating and cooling loads to the UMass Memorial Medical Center located in...


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General Mills Waste to Energy Case Study

Summary This presentation looks at a waste to energy system - a 6.5 MG anaerobic reactor - at General Mills. Speakers Joseph Brown, CHA Tech Services Rich Rappa, CHA Companies #2015 #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #Sustainability #RenewableEnergy #CHAConsultingInc ...

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University of Mass, Amherst Solar Photovoltaic Generation Protection and Control Design

Summary UMass, Amherst has approximately 16MW of CHP generation. In a continuous effort to reduce their carbon footprint, they decided to add 3.4 MW of solar photovoltaic generation under a PPA. CHA’s impact study revealed certain conditions where the generation could exceed the available load...


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Cogeneration/Gas Turbine Generator Design-Build

Summary Union College located in Schenectady, New York is a small, independent liberal arts college with ~2,200 student enrollment. CHP was chosen not only for its inherent savings and sustainability benefits, but also to relieve capacity constraints on the local power supply. This project also...