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Microgrid Deployment Rises: The Biggest Disruptor to the Power Industry is Here

Chris Evanich, S&C Electric, Microgrid Knowledge Summary In this week’s Industry Perspectives , Chris Evanich, manager of microgrids at S&C Electric, describes how a rise in microgrid deployment is disrupting today’s power industry. Last month, Microgrid Knowledge and the...

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Commonwealth Edison CEO Anne Pramaggiore to Keynote Microgrid 2017

Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge August 1, 2017 Summary Anne Pramaggiore, president and CEO of Commonwealth Edison, will present the luncheon keynote at Microgrid 2017 on Tuesday, November 7 in Boston. Anne Pramaggiore, president and CEO of ComEd, to keynote Microgrid 2017 A recognized...

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VIDEO: The Potential of Microgrids and CHP to Cut Operating Costs, Boost Resiliency

Sarah Rubenoff, Microgrid Knowledge Summary In this video interview from Microgrid 2017 in Boston, Tim Peer, vice president, district energy, at BOND Brothers, explains how microgrids, distributed energy and combined heat and power (CHP) can lead to lower operating costs and increased...

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Making the Microgrid- Utility Relationship Work

Summary Negotiating the relationship with your local utility can make or break a microgrid project. Often large and bureaucratic, utiliites can feel tricky to navigate. Sometimes learning the hard way, our 15 years of experience working with them on distributed energy resources, microgrids and...

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NY Prize and Transit Oriented Microgrids

Summary Public transit is the backbone of the modern economy, and it relies on total availability of grid services. When Superstorm Sandy impacted NYC, many such services were lost as water and wind overwhelmed the system and severely curtailed routine and emergency transit. The Amtrak NYC...

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Microgrids are Bringing Certainty to Healthcare

Summary Healthcare facilities have a long history of effective emergency backup generation through investment, regulations, and testing. However, the normal supply from the grid has not provided the cost consistency, reliability, and resilience often needed by healthcare facilities teams to...

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The Future of Microgrids

Summary One of the rapidly emerging market opportunities for energy storage is microgrids. This is particularly the case with islands in the multi-megawatt range, which already face high fossil generation costs. This is also true in congested urban locations, where weak grid infrastructure and...


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How End Users/Utilities Can Benefit Using CHP in Microgrid Applications

Summary CHP should be considered in microgrid applications because of the many benefits it provides. CHP provides key anchor and end user benefits such as power, heat and chilling. CHP systems can integrate with energy storage, provide significant cost savings and improve reliability. ...


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Co-optimizing Energy and Process in the Microgrid

Summary Resiliency and value of CHP in District Energy Systems is greatly enhanced by adding Microgrid Control Systems for islanding from the utility and intelligent load management controls. Traditional CHP and District Energy Control Systems are integrated with Microgrid Control Systems to co...