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White Oak Microgrid at FDA Federal Research Center

The White Oak Microgrid at the FDA Federal Research Center is a state-of-the-art 3 million square foot, $900 million Food and Drug Administration office and lab compound. The White Oak microgrid provides a high level of energy surety enabling the GSA/FDA to fulfill their mission while also...

Tour B FDA Federal Research Center at White Oak Microgrid.pdf

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Montgomery County Microgrid

Adjacent to Washington DC, Montgomery County, MD is embracing microgrids to harden key public facilities. It is focusing on those facilities essential for the continuity of public services, especially during disasters or other events when those services are needed most. The Montgomery County...

Tour A Montgomery County Microgrid.pdf

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A Microgrid Configured as a Boiler plus Back Pressure Steam Turbine

Summary Microgrid customers have a “Needs Golden Triangle” (NGT) of Resiliency + Cost Savings + Sustainability and current interest focuses on Solar PhotoVoltaics (PV), Wind and Battery Electric Storage (BES). Session Track 3A Speakers Suresh Jambunathan, Energy & Water...


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Policy Pathways for Microgrids Progress - Cases from Multiple Jurisdictions

Summary Regulated utilities are monopolies, protected by laws, rules, and franchises that sometimes interfere with microgrid operations that are otherwise technically feasible, highly efficient, and cost-effective. We systematically review technological and business-plan options for 21st...

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Microgrid Absorbers Designed for Maximizing Waste Heat Recovery

Summary Broad recently supplied the absorber to the Montgomery County Maryland Microgrid. This presentation will cover this absorber design as well as few additional types of absorbers that are available and specifically designed to recovery heat from internal combustion engines. As engines...


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Driving Innovation through State Energy Programs

Summary This presentation will highlight lessons learned, successes, and hurdles the State of Maryland experienced in designing and implementing its Combined Heat and Power Program, Demand Response program, and energy storage programs. Further, it will take a deeper dive into how to structure...


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Syracuse Community Microgrid with Waste-to-Energy CHP

Summary The Syracuse community microgrid, one of 11 NY Prize Stage 2 winners, uses waste-to-energy generation that eases pressure on local landfills. The project is the only Stage 2 winner to rely on waste-to-energy conversion as its primary distributed generation asset. The micogrid would...

2B.2_Voorhees, Freeman.pdf

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CHP Systems Increase the Value and Reduce the Cost of Microgrids

Summary The presentation will describe two community microgrids and compare their value propositions (i.e., economics to both owner(s) and users). One microgrid will feature a solar PV array, battery storage, and two engine-generators, and controls software. The other will be identical except...

2B.3_Steigelmann, Sins.pdf

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Thermal Strategies for Optimizing Microgrid Resiliency, Costs and Carbon

Summary Smart design of the thermal side of microgrids can contribute significantly to achieving key microgrid goals including cost-effective demand response, energy supply reliability and resiliency, source flexibility and carbon reduction. This presentation will describe thermal strategies...


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Utilizing Advanced Microgrid Controls to Approach 100% Renewable Power

Summary The Commercial and Industrial microgrid market segment is quickly developing, as stakeholders have verifiable examples of successful installations in the utility, municipal, and military spaces. Microgrids offer energy managers an innovative and reliable solution to fit their unique...